Making Your Business Visible On The Mobile

Why choose an Android App?

The numbers of Android devices are increasing at a rapid rate and currently, it’s the most popular mobile Operating System (OS). So, choosing this platform to create apps and games will surely turn out to be a feasible feat. Based on Linux, apps that are developed will be highly secure and bug-free. The size of your business doesn’t matter anymore because the flexibility provided by Android allows creating tailored apps as per the requirement. Publishing an app only takes few hours as Google only needs you to agree their terms and policies. These apps can also be integrated with different social networking sites which increases your overall brand recognition. The Play Store, home for your apps offers interactive interface to search for apps so even though people might not directly know about your app, they will find it through relevancy. Therefore, promoting your business through Android is fast, simple and offers great value.

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Features of Android

Google has integrated its various services such as Google Maps, Google+, Gmail, etc. in Android. So when customers get all these services built-in, they surely get attracted. Besides, Android lets you personalize your device the way you want to. Adding various launchers to installing custom ROMs, Android provides that environment. Google frequently updates Android to bring various performance improvements and feature enhancements. So, it’s likely that people will stick to their device for a long time and continue to use your app as well. Unlike other OS, Android devices come in almost every size and price range. So, it’s easier for you to reach the targeted audiences with different economical backgrounds. When it comes to expanding business online, Android devices prove to be remarkably useful to engage your audience and turning them into potential lead. This flexibility is not provided in any other platform.

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Why Choose VISIT Mobile?

It’s been more than 10 years since we started pouring our knowledge in the field of technology. Our experienced and dedicated team of professional delivers the exact product as per your need with perfection. We build these apps keeping usability, versatility and optimization in minds. Our works are result driven and we closely follow our clients for through feedbacks in each and every developmental phase. Now, we will guide you through the steps for creating the apps. Firstly, you need to specify all the features that are required in the app. This is important because it determines the volume and resources needed. Then, you need to give us a design for your app. It’s necessary because when the app is finished, design is what people will observe in the first place. Lastly, we start to implement all the details you have provided and start building the app. Remember, your preference is our top priority.

create android app


Product Listing

Infinite category of product listing and with advanced search system with many attributes like Size, Color, hits, favourite, occasion, location etc. Notification on end-user device for new and glamorous product lunched

Automatic Facebook connect

Your app users can now like and comment on mobile posts instantly, without having to go through a separate Facebook log in process.

Enhance Android Sharing

Your Android users will now be able to share your mobile posts via additional applications, such as Google+ and Bluetooth.

Photo Sharing

Encourage users to share, like, and comment on your photos directly from your app. Conduit Mobile offers full integration of your photos from Instagram, Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr etc.

Event Promotion

Connect users to all your events in a snap! Conduit Mobile offers full integration of your events from Facebook, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, Songkick, and Eventful.

2D / 3D Effect

It gives facility to the End-user to slide your product and design in the dashboard which can be shared in all social media.

Maintaining History

Maintaining history of particular end-user for their better attraction on your branded apps so they can freely decide and see what kind of product they were interested and provide recommendations.

Apps Tracker

Ability to trace the apps hits and location where your branded apps is running or the request from which will help you to target your marketing and segments.


  People do not enjoy typing on a tiny phone keyboard so Android provides many options to make it easy, fun and fast install.

Push notification

  Send message to all app subscribers in one go.
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Action Steps while creating your Apps

First step is you need to choose is the features that you would like for your app. We will discuss your requirements with you, in detail, to ensure we have all the content you need.
Second step is App Design. We design your app according to your requirement and preference. We will not go to next step until you approve the design.
Third Step is to build the App. We build the App following your instruction and send demo for your reference.
Fourth Step is once you accept the demo we will submit your app to the Android market.
Fifth and last step is to publish the app. It usually takes around 1 month to submission on Google Play. Apps on Google Play take approximately 24 hours to be approved.
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